As an added feature, the Bible Stories are set up so they may be used with Betty Lukens felt visuals.  However, use of these felt visuals is by no means a requirement.
   Directly below the title of each Bible story, there is a list of Betty Lukens felt visuals which may be used with that story.  Scenes are listed first, then overlays, and then figures in numerical order.  This list may be used to gather the felt visuals from the storage boxes.  Key words are used in the outline area of each Bible story to describe what to do with the felt visuals as the story is being told.  Here are the definitions of the key words:

Display - Place the scene, overlays and figures referred to in front of the children.
Add - Place the figure onto the scene.
Remove -Take the figure off of the scene.
Move - Move the figure as described.
Move and Add - Move the figure from a previous scene to the current scene.

   Products may be ordered directly from Betty Lukens, Inc. You may purchase either 6 inch figures or 12 inch figures, depending on your classroom requirements and budget.
   You may view these products and obtain price information at on the Internet.  You may also contact Betty Lukens, Inc. for price and delivery information by phone at (800) 541-9279, by fax at (800) 795-8225, by E-mail at, or by mail at 711 Portal Street, Cotati, CA, 94931.  In addition, your local Bible bookstore may carry products from Betty Lukens, Inc.

Note: If you want our instructions for telling the Bible stories without the felt visuals click here.
Optional use of Betty Lukens Felt Visuals with the Bible Stories
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