Teaching Tips

Remember, the Holy Spirit is your teacher

You can make the story come alive for your children, if you let God make it alive to you
Index of All 52 Preschool Bible Stories
Bible Lessons
Bible Verses
Bible Stories
Bible Crafts
for preschool children
in English
and Spanish
  1   God Made a Special Place
  2   God Made Us Like Himself
  3   God Told the Truth
  4   Enoch
  5   Noah
  6   Blessing of Abraham
  7   Abraham and Sarah
  8   Baby Moses
  9   Moses Listens to God
10   The Lamb of God
11   Red Sea
12   The Tabernacle
13   Joshua
14   Ruth Chooses
15   God Speaks to Samuel
16   David is Anointed
17   David and Goliath
18   Jonathan and David
19   Solomon
20   Elijah
21   The Widow's Oil
22   The Woman From Shunem
23   Naaman and the Little Girl
24   King Josiah
25   Daniel
26   Mary Hears About Jesus
27   Jesus is Born
28   The Wise Men
29   Jesus as a Boy
30   The Voice From Heaven
31   Following Jesus
32   Power to Heal
33   The Wind Obeys Jesus
34   Jairus' Daughter
35   Feeding 5,000 People
36   Transfiguration
37   Jesus Blesses the Children
38   Bartimaeus Calls Out to Jesus
39   Children Honor Jesus
40   Jesus Saves Children
41   The Witnesses
42   Jesus Our Intercessor
43   The Holy Spirit is Given
44   A Lame Man is Healed
45   Philip and the Ethiopian
46   Saul Meets Jesus
47   The Comforter
48   Cornelius
49   An Angel Saves Peter
50   Paul and Silas Sing in Jail
51   What Must I Do?
52   Jesus is Coming for Us
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